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NAPECA Project

Pilot Project for Using Solar Ovens in Rural Communities in the Mexican States of Sinaloa and Sonora

Organization: CISA, Tierras para la Conservación, A.C.

Country: Mexico

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Completed solar ovens


The selected communities are all coastal communities in which wood cooking stoves are used, with wood resources used on a daily basis in kitchens.

These communities are more vulnerable to climate change effects, since many of the wood resources used are considered to be threatened species, such as the guayacán (Guayacum coulteri), which is also one of Mexico’s endemic species, or they are species particularly important in the region, such as organ pipe cactus or pitahaya (Stenocereus thurberi) and mesquite (Prosopis sp.).


Promote the use of clean, renewable energies in rural communities in the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora.

Main activities