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North American Black Carbon Emissions Estimation Guidelines

Status: Completed
Operational Plan: 2013 - 2014

Building on past efforts to improve the comparability of greenhouse gas estimates and methodologies, this project focused on developing guidelines to improve the accuracy of estimates of black carbon and co-pollutant emissions from key sources in the three countries to support cross-border comparisons and mitigation assessments. The guidelines also provide recommendations for further research to align the capabilities of the three countries, with a special focus on Mexico.

Black Carbon Emissions

Key Accomplishments

  • A guidance document for estimating black carbon emissions from key sources, providing comparable methodologies and best practices for use across North America, at both national
    and subnational levels
  • Partnership and collaboration with government experts and other international environmental research and academic institutions in the development of the guidance document

For more information about this project or to partner with us, contact:

Orlando Cabrera-Rivera
Head of Unit, Environmental Quality