Tell us how you think North America can advance innovation in clean energy and energy efficiency

Montreal, 25 October 2016—On 7 November, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s (CEC) Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) will host a public meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on the connections between innovation in clean energy and energy efficiency, in the context of addressing climate change at a continental level.

The forum will also be webcast in English, French and Spanish at and transmitted live on our Facebook page. Participation at the JPAC forum is open to the public and free of charge.

Speakers and participants will address specific questions, such as:

  • What are the current North American approaches to clean energy generation and consumption?
  • How can we ensure that new energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies are adaptable to the different realities of communities across the continent?
  • Why is energy conservation more important than ever?

Scheduled speakers to date include:

  • Elizabeth McDonald, President & CEO, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Carlos Ortiz Gómez, Director General for Research and Human Resources Formation, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
  • Graziella Siciliano, US Coordinator of the CEM’s Energy Management Working Group, US Department of Energy

The afternoon public session will feature a “lightning round” on new research and potential policy related to clean-energy technology and energy conservation.

To enhance the discussion, JPAC invites experts from industry, academia and government to submit a video or a proposal of their current research or policy recommendations in preparation for the session. Submissions will be posted on the CEC website and presented at the meeting.

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Advancing Sustainable Clean Energy Cooperation in North America