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Media Release

Join Us for the JPAC Public Forum on Sustainable Management of Transboundary Waters!

Montreal, 19 October 2021—On 29 October, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) will be hosting an online webinar, titled ‘Sustainable management of transboundary waters: How to build successful collaborations.

Addressing water security at the continental scale will require collaborative decision-making to advance sustainable water management and ensure access to clean water.

This public forum will feature experts who will discuss the sustainable management of transboundary waters, emphasizing the need for international cooperation at the local, regional, and national levels, especially in areas vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and where water is already scarce.

Here are some highlights from the agenda for the JPAC forum:

⇨ Opening and welcoming remarks, by Pedro Moctezuma, JPAC Chair

⇨ Presentations by invited experts

  • Merrell-Ann Phare, Canadian Commissioner, International Joint Commission (IJC)
  • Jennifer Pitt, Colorado River Program Director, National Audubon Society
  • Gonzalo Moreno, Member of the Cucapa Tribe and President of the Bienes Comunales de San Luis Río Colorado and co-founder of Contraloría Ciudadana del Agua de Mexicali

⇨ Moderated Discussion, Question and Answer Period by Felicia Marcus, JPAC member, with presenters, JPAC members and audience

⇨ Closing remarks, by Pedro Moctezuma, JPAC Chair

CEC Media Release

Join the conversation on 29 October.

About the CEC

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) was established in 1994 by the governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States through the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, a parallel environmental agreement to NAFTA. As of 2020, the CEC is recognized and maintained by the Environmental Cooperation Agreement, in parallel with the new Free Trade Agreement of North America. The CEC brings together a wide range of stakeholders, including the general public, Indigenous people, youth, nongovernmental organizations, academia, and the business sector, to seek solutions to protect North America’s shared environment while supporting sustainable development for the benefit of present and future generations

The CEC is governed and funded equally by the Government of Canada through Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Government of the United States of Mexico through the Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, and the Government of the United States of America through the Environmental Protection Agency.

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