Enthusiastic response to CEC’s call for proposals under its NAPECA grant program

Montreal, 9 September 2015—The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has received more than 500 innovative proposals for funding under its C$1.3 million North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) grant program.

The proposals for tackling local environmental challenges range from ideas on how to reduce the health risks from exposure to toxic substances, to topics such as species and habitat conservation, environmental education, and efficient water management.

“I thank all those who took the time and effort to develop and submit a proposal for NAPECA funding,” said CEC Executive Director Irasema Coronado. “NAPECA projects are as grass-roots as you can get and we look forward to working with grant recipients to help advance their ideas for improving their local environments.”

The NAPECA grant program is designed to support nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations in Canada, Mexico and the United States that work with local communities to create a shared sense of responsibility for stewardship of the environment. For 2015–2016, the CEC’s governing Council agreed that the focus of the NAPECA proposals is Sustainable Communities/Urban Initiatives.

Proposals for this latest round of NAPECA funding were submitted by nongovernmental and environmental organizations, academic institutions, community associations, and indigenous groups or communities from across North America.

The CEC will review the proposals submitted and announce the funding recipients in early December, with project work set to begin in January 2016.

For more information on the NAPECA grant program visit www.cec.org/napeca.