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Measuring and Mitigating Food Loss and Waste

Status: Completed
Operational Plan: 2017 - 2018

Food loss and waste, across the entire food supply chain, is an enormous problem that affects our economy, food security and environment. Estimates drawn from the CEC foundational research on food waste calculate the annual quantities of North American food waste at greater than 168 million tonnes, and with a value of food produced but not consumed exceeding US$278 billion. Beyond the monetary loss, food waste correlates to significant inefficiency in transportation and distribution and waste of water, agricultural land, and other inputs in production. Waste that is disposed of in landfills contributes to the formation and release of methane gas—a potent, short-lived climate pollutant and greenhouse gas.

This project will work to effectively measure food loss and waste in the North American food chain, calculate its environmental and socioeconomic impacts, and provide tools and education to prevent and reduce loss and its impacts on food security, the economy, and the environment in North America.

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