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North American Drought Monitor

This #MapMonday we’re highlighting next week’s #DesertificationAndDroughtDay and this year’s theme “Rising up from drought together.”

Did you know that drought and its related hazards (like wildfires, floods, and landslides) are having significant economic, environmental, and social impacts on communities every year?

Together, Canada, Mexico and the United States worked through the Commission for Environmental Cooperation to strengthen awareness of and access to early warning systems for drought such as the North American #Drought Monitor (NADM), which focuses on broad-scale conditions. This tool can help decisionmakers and individuals alike understand vulnerability to drought and build resilience to it.

This map reflects the latest update of the NADM …and much of North America has been experiencing various levels of drought severity. To help others better prepare for and respond to drought, the CEC gathered perspectives from meteorological and drought professionals across the continent to better understand current hydro-climatological realities and the needs to improve drought-related products and tools.

The CEC trinational #Drought Summit report offers recommendations to address information gaps and barriers in accessing national and international drought resources and tools.

CEC’s Guide to Drought Indices and Indicators Used in North America is a resource for regional and local decision-makers and communities engaged in monitoring and preparing for drought conditions

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Map showing drought regions in North America