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LEO Network

It’s #MapMonday! #DidYouKnow that the Commission for Environmental Cooperation supported the expansion of the Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network across North America?

Through an online mapping platform, local observers and topic experts document and share knowledge about unusual environmental events. In the context of a changing climate, the LEO Network is a tool for monitoring, responding, and adapting to the challenges associated with greater and more frequent environmental changes.

Anyone can join the LEO Network and make an observation. LEO has empowered people to report unusual environmental events immediately from their computer or smartphone. The expanded network brings important perspectives on the impacts of environmental change on our shared ecosystems and biodiversity. That includes the voices of everyday citizens, youth, scientists, and local and Indigenous communities across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The LEO Network will be showcased this Summer at #CEC29 Council Session’s exhibition in Mérida, Mexico. The exhibition will be highlighting current and future community-led trilateral work under the theme “Sharing Knowledge and Perspectives: Emergent Tools and Methods for Protecting our Shared Environment.”

Learn more about the LEO Network.


Map identifying climate change–related impacts