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Improving Conditions for Green Building Construction in North America

Status: Completed
Operational Plan: 2013 - 2014

Buildings in North America are major consumers of electricity and water and contribute an estimated 35 percent of the continent’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Building greener, more environmentally sustainable structures can reduce the environmental impacts of our buildings.

This project engaged the private sector and governmental agencies in strengthening the environmental and economic performance of the North American built environment. Work included the development of a workforce guide on integrated project design and delivery and consultations to improve financing for green buildings and the availability of healthy and sustainable buildings in isolated communities across North America.

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Key Accomplishments

  • Published a guide and outreach video on integrated design and delivery for improving green building construction in North America
  • Hosted a roundtable discussion with industry and government experts to discuss financing solutions for green building, energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Hosted a forum of experts, government representatives and community members to discuss recommendations on improving housing sustainability and health in remote communities, including in native populations
  • Canada and the US shared their expertise with Mexico regarding the adoption and implementation of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program for buildings


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