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Webinar: Why and How to Measure Food Loss and Waste: Practical Guide


March 28, 2019


Measuring your food waste doesn’t have to be difficult. On this webinar—conducted by the World Resources Institute (WRI)—the Commission for Environmental Commission’s new guidance on “Why and How to Measure Food Loss and Waste” will be presented. The Practical Guide covers all stages in the food supply chain, and provides a simple framework that can help any organizations start to measure, prevent and reduce their food loss and waste (regardless of size and business structure). The practical guide and the companion technical report are the results of a close collaboration with key stakeholders from the private sector and experts from the three countries; even though it’s specific to North America, it can be applied to other geographies as well.

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Antonia Andúgar Miñarro
Project Lead, Green Growth
(514) 350-4327