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Stakeholder Meeting of the Sound Management of Chemicals Working Group

San Antonio, TX, US
United States

1 and 2 April, 2009


April 1, 2009

  • SAICM Developments and Linkages to CEC and Global Chemical Management 
    Author: Matthew Gubb, UNEP SAICM Secretariat
  • Overview of CEC Strategic Direction 2010–2015 
    Author: Adrian Vázquez, CEC Executive Director
  • Updates on Domestic Priorities in Canada, Mexico and the United States, including International Efforts

    • Canada: Margaret Kenny and Steve Clarkson [
    • Mexico: Alfonso Flores
    • USA: Wendy Cleland-Hamnett
  • Updates and Results on Current Work Under the SMOC Program
    Luke Trip, CEC Secretariat
  • Development of a Chemicals Inventory in Mexico
    Fidel Gomez
  • Building a Sustainable Regional Monitoring Program
    : Ana Patricia Martínez, Chair of the EM&A Standing Committee

April 2, 2009

Panel Discussion – Chemicals Management in the Petroleum Sector


  • Cruz Ernesto Hernández Martínez, PEMEX
  • Roger Keefe, CPPA
  • Jennifer Galvin, API/NPRA