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6th Regular Council Session and JPAC Session No. 99-04: Final Analytic Framework for Assessing the Environmental Effects of NAFTA

Radisson Hotel, Montreal

16 and 17 September, 1999


On 16 September, following the opening reports, the public is invited to participate in a plenary discussion on the Final Analytical Framework for Assessing the Environmental Effects of NAFTA and on Future CEC Program Initiatives. These exchanges, along with the results of JPAC’s own deliberations and the interactions with the public will form advice to Council, as well as its input into the next Program Plan.

On 17 September, the public is invited to attend the JPAC Regular Session as observers. Several issues will be discussed, such as the monitoring of the of the Guidelines for Submissions on Enforcement Matters under Articles 14 & 15 of the NAAEC, the promotion of involvement of indigenous peoples, the strategic directions for the conservation of biodiversity, methods for CEC project evaluation and public portion of the Council Session. At the end of the day, the observers will have the opportunity to make comments.

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