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JPAC Regular Session 01-03

Montreal, QC, Canada

22 and 23 October, 2001


The CEC Executive Director provided an overview of activities undertaken by the Secretariat to implement initiatives from the 2001 June Council session. She explained that the new vision adopted by Council required a corresponding shift in focus by the Secretariat, while the existing work plan is to be completed. Meeting the challenge of North American economic integration, with the collaboration and cooperation this entails, calls for a new policy direction.

She went on to describe that energy, hazardous wastes and water are three of the key new issues that Council asked the Secretariat to address with corresponding emphasis on the production of high quality information, market approaches based on technology, and increased public participation.

A JPAC member reminded the Executive Director of JPAC Advice to Council 01–04 on Climate Change and asked how the Secretariat intended to pursue the issue of market mechanisms, in anticipation of measurable progress within the next year. He also asked how JPAC’s letter to the Secretariat on the subject of Lake Chapala was being accommodated in the work program. The Executive Director replied that the intention is to pursue an activity on climate change in the areas of efficiency, renewable energy and carbon sequestration and develop options for Council to consider at its 2002 session. Regarding Lake Chapala, the intention is to fold this issue into a broader scoping exercise on water, as stated in her letter to the JPAC Chair dated 9 August 2001.

A JPAC member noted that quick action on climate change was required if there was to be an impact on North American policy.


Marcela Orozco
Head of Unit, Advisory Groups and Private Sector Engagement
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