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LGBTQI+ Dimensions of Climate Change and Environmental Justice in North America

Montreal, QC

October 20, 2023


This one-day in-person roundtable held at the CEC headquarters in Montreal, brings together experts from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, + (LGBTQI+) communities and the CEC Secretariat to discuss priority actions and identify opportunities and challenges to promote the meaningful engagement of LGBTQI+ persons and to strengthen environmental conservation, the advancement of environmental justice and the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge, including Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and perspectives at the North American level.

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20 October 2023


Land acknowledgement
Recognizing the Indigenous land we are situated upon.


Welcome and introduction of roundtable scope, objectives, expectations and group agreements
Jorge Daniel Taillant, CEC Executive Director
Provide context for this roundtable and how it aligns with trinational priorities, the CEC’s work and the Executive Director’s mandate. The Executive Director’s remarks to reflect the importance of LGBTQI+ perspectives in the context of the triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss, on the CEC’s inclusion of environmental justice dimensions in its work and on the vital role of Indigenous Knowledge and perspectives. Participants will share expectations for the roundtable and group agreements will be discussed and adopted to enable collaborative discussion.


Introductory stories
Participants introduce themselves by sharing stories about their inspiration, vision, and personal journeys behind their advocacy work.

Leo Goldsmith (He/They)
Yale University / Out for Sustainability

Natalia Villarán-Quiñones (She/Her)
Community Organizer, Puerto Rico

Allie Phillips-Shinn (She/Her)
Astrea Foundation

Beth Teper (all pronouns welcome, They/She)
BTeper Consulting

Diego de Leon Segovia (He/Him)
APCO & Out for Sustainability

Emiliano Reyes (He/Him)
Youth Climate Activist, Young Roots

Lilian Barraclough (She/They)
Climate Research Fellow, Inspiring Communities

Harlan Pruden (First Nation Cree - all pronouns welcome)
Co-Founder of Two-Spirit Dry Lab

Reilly Hirst (any pronouns)
PRIDE in Federal Service Advocacy Committee Co-Chair, Director of Education/Training (PRIDE FERG)


Brief introduction to the CEC
Georgina O’Farrill, Head of Unit, Outreach and Partnerships
Overview of the CEC’s mission, origins, values, governance structures and work, as well as emerging initiatives. This presentation provides context to better guide discussions toward relevant areas of future engagement.


Identification of key issues
Participants identify key emerging LGBTQI+ issues. Specific discussion questions center intersectional links between LGBTQI+ communities and, for example, environmental justice and environmental and climate impacts.


Identification of strategic opportunities for North America
Participants identify key strategic opportunities for further study and engagement, programs, actions, etc., for advancing LGBTQI+ environmental priorities in North America. This session focuses on the identification of possible steps to effectively include LGBTQI+, climate and environmental justice considerations in CEC programs, regional initiatives and action, and identify key actors in the region that are working on the intersection of LGBTQI+, Indigenous, climate and environmental justice dimensions.


Preparation of concluding presentation
Participants prepare to present conclusions on the outlook for North American LGBTQI+ environmental priorities.


Conclusions and Q&A with CEC Secretariat
Presentation by invited experts of main roundtable conclusions, followed by questions and comments from the CEC Secretariat staff and discussion.


Closing remarks
Jorge Daniel Taillant, CEC Executive Director


Click here to download the complete program of public events.


José Antonio Casis
Lead, Planning and Performance
(514) 350-4350