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JPAC Regular Session 13-03: 20 Years of NAFTA and the NAAEC

George Washington University Law School, 2000 H Street NW Washington, DC
United States

17 and 18 October, 2013


How well is North America dealing with trade and environment after 20 years of NAFTA?

So far we’ve heard from indigenous groups, conservationists, anti-pollution activists, researchers, industry and more, on whether environmental cooperation across our borders has been successful or has fallen short over the last 20 years and what future collaboration should look like.

The CEC’s Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) would like to thank the many people who have sent comments to mark the 20th anniversary of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, and it welcomes one and all to come to Washington, DC, on October 17 and 18, to debate and contribute to the advice JPAC will draft to North America’s three environment ministers.

With new free trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), in negotiation all around the globe, there is no better time to reflect on the ideas that led to the creation of the CEC in 1994, considered by many as the first time international trading partners addressed concerns that free trade might harm the environment.


Thursday 17 October 2013

Foyer Moot Court Room

Registration of Participants


Welcome and Opening Remarks

David Angus
JPAC Chair


Welcome Remarks

Lee Paddock
Associate Dean for Environmental Studies
George Washington University Law School


Opening Presentation: Summary of research, issues and public comments as a result of the JPAC 20 Year Review

Geoff Garver
JPAC member


Keynote Presentation: NAFTA and NAAEC at 20: Is North America Achieving Its Environmental Goals?

Victor Lichtinger
First Executive Director of the CEC and
Former Minister of the Environment of Mexico


Question and Answer Period




Expert Panel: Goals and Objectives of NAFTA and the NAAEC

This Panel will reflect on the sustainable development goals the NAFTA countries set to achieve through the NAAEC and the CEC. The panelists will highlight the key successes and shortcomings in attaining these goals from the distinct perspectives of Canada, Mexico and the United States, individually and collectively.

Pauline Browes
JPAC member

Colin Robertson
Senior Strategic Advisor
McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP

Alberto Bustani
Bustani Sustainable Growth Strategies

Serena Wilson
George Mitchell Scholarship Program


Facilitated Discussion Period, with JPAC and the Public


Lunch not provided


Expert Panel: Integrating Trade and Environment for Increased Environmental Protection

As the first environmental agreement linked to a trade agreement, the NAAEC sought to ensure mutually supportive economic and environmental policies, and to avoid the creation of trade barriers while maintaining high levels of environmental protection. This panel will discuss how the CEC has fared nearly 20 years into this endeavor.

Jonathan Waterhouse
JPAC member

Scott Vaughan
President and Chief Executive Officer
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Isabel Studer
Instituto Global para la Sostenibilidad

Caroll Muffett
President and CEO, Center for International Environmental Law


Facilitated Discussion Period, with JPAC and the Public




Expert Panel: Setting the North American Agenda for Increased Environmental Protection

Recognizing the interconnectedness of their environments, through the NAAEC, Canada, Mexico and the United States committed to ensuring high levels of environmental protection in their territories and to cooperating regionally on environmental issues. This panel will discuss how the NAAEC has contributed to higher levels of environmental protection over the past two decades, and how the CEC has shaped the North American environmental agenda.

Adriana Nelly Correa
JPAC member

Donna Tingley
Board Member, Natural Resources Conservation Board

Maite Cortés
Executive Director, Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco

Jeff Schott
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics


Facilitated Discussion Period, with JPAC and the Public


Wrap-up, by the JPAC Chair David Angus

Friday 18 October 2013


Opening Remarks

David Angus
JPAC Chair



Janine Ferretti
Chief, Environment and Social Safeguards Unit at Inter-American Development Bank and Former Executive Director of the CEC


Question and Answer Period


Recap of Previous Day’s Discussion

Scott Vaughan
President and Chief Executive Officer, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)


Round Table Discussions: Looking to the Future: What needs to change and what should be our priorities?

  • Facilitated Round Table discussions
  • Break-out
  • Report back
  • Public discussion

CEC 20th Anniversary Update and SEM Outreach

Irasema Coronado
CEC Executive Director


Wrap-up by the JPAC Chair David Angus


Marcela Orozco
Head of Unit, Advisory Groups and Private Sector Engagement
(514) 350-4305