JPAC Public Forum – North America’s Energy Future: Powering a Low-carbon Economy for 2030 and Beyond

This public forum organized by the CEC’s Joint Public’s advisory Committee will bring together energy experts from across Canada, Mexico and the United States to answer questions about the current state of renewable energy as well as future potential.

A series of speakers will address a range of energy questions, including: What is the future of renewable energy in North America? What progress has been made since the CEC’s Fostering Renewable Electricity Markets in North America report in 2007? What are some of the challenges and barriers affecting the use of renewable energy? How can renewable energy projects be promoted in remote communities?


Toronto, Ontario Delta Chelsea 33 Gerrard Street West


April 18, 2012




Marcela Orozco
Senior Liaison Officer, Advisory Bodies and Public Engagement
(514) 350-4305