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Joint Public Advisory Committee Session No. 97-01

Mexico City

March 21, 1997


The Chair reported on recent and future activities:

  • On 19-20 March a public consultation was convened in Mexico City. A final report on the public consultation will be submitted to the Council after its June meeting.
  • On 24 January the Chair participated (as JPAC Chair) in a meeting held in Ottawa with the Alternate Representatives and members of the Secretariat to exchange points of view on several
  • In addition, the Chair attended two other meetings of the Alternate Representatives. The first meeting was held in December 1996, and the second meeting took the form of a conference call
    on 21 February. Both meetings addressed, among other things, the 1997 CEC program and budget.
  • The next meeting with the Alternate Representatives will be held 16-17 April in Montreal.
  • The two remaining public consultations will be held in Vancouver 14-15 May and in a U.S. location to be specified 11-12 June. The latter meeting will immediately precede the Council’s annual session.

Finally, the Chair reported that three JPAC members–María Cristina Castro, Jacques Gérin, and Jon Plaut–had been appointed to a subcommittee that was given the mandate to review the planned evaluation of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) in preparation for a meeting to be conducted by the CEC Secretariat on 18-19 April in Montreal.