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Joint Public Advisory Committee Session No. 94-01

Washington, DC
United States

July 26, 1994


  • The 13 members present (and two members by telephone) introduced themselves to each other and discussed their backgrounds;
  • JPAC selected Mr. Jonathan Plaut as spokesperson and Interim Chair, without prejudice to future selection of the permanent chair;
  • JPAC reviewed and supported the 1994 and 1995 Secretariat work program and budgets making several program suggestions (e.g., related to training) and called for full budget support and rollover of unused 1994 funds into 1995;
  • JPAC adopted Rules of Procedure, decided to act in consensus style, where possible; to have open meetings, and to meet quarterly for the first year with the next meeting scheduled for Montreal in October 1994;
  • Discussions were held with the Secretariat and lawyers on plans and procedures. JPAC strongly supported links with the national advisory committees in each country;
  • Presentations and recommendations were made to the CEC Deputy Ministers in a working session, to the Ministers in a formal session, and to the public in an open meeting, including comment on the work program and budget, some priority areas and concerns that the members discussed, and the JPAC Vision found in the attachments.