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7th Regular Council Session and JPAC Session 00-01

Hotel Camino Real Guadalajara 5005 Av. Vallarta Zapopan, Jalisco

23 and 24 March, 2000


The Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) invites you to its first regular session of 2000 on 23-24 March, at the Hotel Camino Real Guadalajara, located at 5005 Av. Vallarta, Zapopan, Jalisco in Mexico.

On 23 March, following opening reports, the public is invited to participate in a plenary discussion on the CEC’s Three-year Program Plan including the North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Program. Participants will be encouraged to provide ideas and recommendations to assist JPAC in formulating future advice to Council. Afterwards, the meeting will focus on the development of strategic plans for the Conservation of Biodiversity project and, more particularly, on the results of a workshop on this matter that will be held directly prior to this regular session, where representatives of indigenous peoples from Canada, Mexico and the United States will be in attendance. Following reports from various participants of this workshop, JPAC will be very interested in receiving comments from the public on this specific project.

On 24 Marchthe public is invited to attend, as observers, the second day of this JPAC regular session. JPAC members will address administrative issues, such as a discussion of the advice to Council on strategic plans for the Conservation of Biodiversity project and methods for CEC project evaluation. At the end of the session, observers will have an opportunity to comment. It is also possible for the public to attend, as observers, a round table of the Joint Public Advisory Committee and the Mexican National Advisory Committee on emerging environmental trends in North America. The public will also have the opportunity to make comments at the end of this joint meeting.


Marcela Orozco
Head of Unit, Advisory Groups and Private Sector Engagement
(514) 350-4305