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Food Waste Prevention Week Webinars


2 and 3 April, 2024


Join the CEC and its partners in discussing how to empower educators, students and youth in their schools, homes and communities to help drive local action and raise awareness about why reducing food waste is so important!

During Food Waste Prevention Week 2024 (April 1-7), learn about the CEC’s work on food loss and waste and how our tools can make an impact in your community. Join us in these webinars and learn more about the Food Matters Action Kit and other materials that can inspire everyone to take action at schools, homes and communities!

Food Waste Prevention Week

Creating Young Food Heroes to empower communities in tackling food waste!

Tuesday April 2, 2024 │ 12:00 – 12:45 PM EDT (US and Canada)

Calling all school food professionals, educators, and volunteers! Want to dive into the world of food waste activities and opportunities in school cafeterias, communities and households? Join World Wide Fund (WWF) and the CEC for a chat about their cool food waste activities and programs. Plus, discover free resources for K-12 schools to cut down on food waste. Let’s work together and make reducing waste an adventure!



Vermicomposting: Worms that fight food waste!

Wednesday April 3, 2024 │ 15:30 – 16:15 EDT (US and Canada)

Do you know what happens with organic foodstuffs that we don’t consume? Organic waste that goes into the garbage can offer many possibilities. Discover the fascinating world of vermicomposting! We will teach you how to sustainably enrich your soil, following the steps that you will find in our Food Matters Action Kit. Our friends from Ciclomanias have been implementing the action kit for K-12 schools in Canada and will share their experiences with us!

This webinar will be delivered in Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation to English and French.

FLW Webinars


Antonia Andúgar Miñarro
Project Lead, Green Growth
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