Fifteenth Regular Session of the CEC Counciland meetings of the Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) 25–26 June 2008

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, 125 Sussex Drive, 9th floor

  • Opening remarks by John Baird, Canadian Environment Minister
  • Remarks by Stephen L. Johnson, Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Remarks by Juan Elvira Quesada, Mexican Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources
  • Remarks by Line Beauchamp, Quebec Minister of the Environment
  • Remarks by Jane Gardner, JPAC Chair
  • Remarks by Adrián Vázquez, CEC Executive Director

Government Conference Center — 2 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Canada

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Presentations and Council discussion

  • NAFTA and the North American environment
  • Cooperation for environmental results in North America
  • Conserving North America’s biodiversity
    • North American Monarch Conservation Plan
    • Protecting Marine Ecosystems NAMPAN
    • Risk management for toxics – the new Sound Management of Chemicals initiative
    • Eliminating environmental threats from noncompliant imports entering North America
  • Accelerating market-based environmental progress
    • Green building in North America: opportunities and challenges
    • Greening the North American auto sector
  • Reporting on the state of the North American environment


Ottawa, ON, Canada


June 26, 2008




Nathalie Daoust
Senior Liaison Officer, Council Organizational Performance Manager
(514) 350-4310