Council Resolution 96-09

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Toronto, August 2nd, 1996

1997 Contribution


NOTING the progress achieved in the implementation of the 1996 annual program of the Commission;

HAVING CONSIDERED the Preliminary Outline of the Proposed 1997 Program and Budget submitted by the Executive Director;

ACKNOWLEDGING the importance of sustaining key cooperative activities through an adequate level of funding;

RECOGNIZING the importance of the public’s role under the North American Agreement for Environmental Cooperation  (NAAEC) in conserving, protecting and enhancing the environment;

RECOGNIZING the unique and essential role played by local communities, local governments and non-governmental organizations in conserving, protecting and enhancing the environment and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems;

REAFFIRMING that the North American Fund for Environmental Cooperation (NAFEC) was created for the purpose of directly engaging the energy and imagination of the people in North America in achieving the goals and objectives of the NAAEC;


AGREES to a contribution of $US 9 million for the financial year 1997, which will be contributed in equal shares by the three Parties, and from which $CAN 2 million will be committed to the NAFEC for the financial year 1997.



(S) Carol M. Browner


Carol M. Browner

Government of the United States of America


(S) Julia Carabias


Julia Carabias

Government of the United Mexican States


(S) Sergio Marchi


Sergio Marchi

Government of Canada

1997 Contribution