Council Resolution 95-08

Oaxaca, October 13, 1995

Public Access to Environmental Information

The Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, meeting in regular session in the city and state of Oaxaca, Mexico on this 13th day of October 1995;

In accordance with the obligations set forth in article 10(5) of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation;

RECOGNIZING the responsibility of the Parties regarding public access to environmental information as stated in the 1992 Rio Declaration and Agenda 21, both emanating from the United Nations’ Conference on the Environment and Development;

WILLING to contribute to the improvement of the quality of environmental information and to its better and more efficient use in favor of a cleaner environment for our societies;

REAFFIRMING the importance of public participation in environmental protection;

CONVINCED of the importance of promoting access to environmental information for our societies;

WILLING to extend and consolidate our environmental and ecological cooperative programs for the benefit of present and future generations;

REAFFIRMING the sovereign right of States to establish their own environmental policies as well as mechanisms of information dissemination and access to environmental information;


I-                   To identify present laws and practices pertaining to public access to environmental information in the three countries in accordance with the respective laws of the Parties, within the scope of work undertaken by the Commission.

II-                To implement actions and initiatives aimed at improving education and communication programs concerning environmental issues and access to environmental information in our respective nations.

III-             To explore ways of facilitating ease of access, affordability and timeliness of obtaining information to which members of the public are entitled as prescribed by domestic law.

IV-             To promote an effective and timely exchange of information among museums and biodiversity research institutions of our countries.




Carol Browner

Government of the United States of America


Julia Carabias

Government of the United Mexican States


Sheila Copps

Government of Canada

Public Access to Environmental Information