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Council Resolution: 10-04

Council Resolution: 10-04

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20 December 2010

Approval of use of 2011 funds for operational expenses and certain other expenditures 


ENSURING that the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation continue its operations notwithstanding the fact that the Operational Plan 2011-2012 has not yet been approved by the Council;

HEREBY DECIDES that pending approval of the Operational Plan 2011-2012, the Secretariat may use, until 31 March 2011, 2011 funds not to exceed C$1,750,000 for the following expenditures: administrative and management expenses; Article 13 Secretariat report; Submissions on Enforcement Matters; communications; managing CEC environmental information; planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting; Council support; JPAC support; Mexico liaison office; and reserve for unforeseen needs;

FURTHER AUTHORIZES the Secretariat to use 2011 funds not to exceed C$500,000 to cover expenses related to cooperative activities described in the appendix; and,

REAFFIRMS the CEC Financial Rules, in particular Rule 4.1, and acknowledges that this resolution is required as a result of a special budgetary circumstance for the next fiscal year.



David McGovern

Government of Canada


Enrique Lendo Fuentes

Government of the United Mexican States


Michelle DePass

Government of the United States of America

Approval of use of 2011 funds for operational expenses and certain other expenditures