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Council Resolution: 07-14

Council Resolution: 07-14

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27 June 2007


Reporting on the state of the environment in North America


REAFFIRMING the provisions of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, notably for the Secretariat to periodically report on the state of the environment in the territories of the Parties;

RECOGNIZING the importance to the Council of the highest quality scientific information for the purposes of decision making as stewards of the environment within their respective territories and collectively as the Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC);

NOTING the utility of an appraisal of current North American environmental conditions to inform and stimulate the Council’s deliberations on cooperative activities, to inform the CEC’s next strategic plan, and to aid in the development of the cooperative work program; and

FURTHER NOTING as well the continuing cooperation of our officials in support of the above activities;


AUTHORIZES and DIRECTS that an amount not to exceed C$80,000 from the CEC General Fund be allocated in financial year 2007 to prepare briefing papers on major North American environmental themes to be presented to the Council at our 2008 regular session; and

FURTHER DIRECTS the Secretariat to undertake the activities assigned to it as outlined in the document attached as Annex 1 to this Resolution.




John Baird

Government of Canada


Juan Elvira Quesada

Government of the United Mexican States


Stephen L. Johnson

Government of the United States of America

Reporting on the state of the environment in North America