Council Resolution: 07-11

Council Resolution: 07-11

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27 June 2007

Building capacity for development of a green building rating system for Mexico


REAFFIRMING the priorities of the Council’s 2004 Puebla Declaration and the commitments of Council Resolution 05-06 to increase the involvement of the private sector and other stakeholders in activities related to implementing the work program for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC);

RECOGNIZING the CEC’s work on green building, and the great potential for green building in North America to advance shared environmental goals of the Parties;

NOTING the opportunity to build capacity in North America to promote green building through cooperation among stakeholders in all three countries; and

FURTHER NOTING the timeliness of the opportunity to establish the capacity in Mexico to develop a green building rating system through a workshop involving stakeholders from throughout North America;


AUTHORIZES and DIRECTS that an amount not to exceed C$120,000 from the CEC General Fund be allocated in financial year 2007 to fund a workshop on building capacity to develop a green building rating system in Mexico; and

FURTHER DIRECTS the Secretariat to undertake the activities assigned to it according to the criteria set out in the document attached as Annex 1 to this Resolution.




John Baird

Government of Canada


Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada

Government of the United Mexican States


Stephen L. Johnson

Government of the United States of America


Annex 1 to Council Resolution 07-11

Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Building Capacity for Developing a Green Building Rating System in Mexico

Summary Work Plan


  1. Plan and hold a workshop in Mexico on developing a green building rating system:  July-October 2007

    Key workshop elements and participants:

    • Review of the history, development, purpose and operation of key North American green building rating systems-e.g., Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes, Go Green of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Energy Star, Better Bricks, Built Green, etc.  Presenters: representatives of US Green Building Council (GBC), Canada GBC, other similar organizations.
    • Review of key green building code developments to put LEED and other rating systems into model building code language-e.g., American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard 189.  Presenter: Representatives from ASHRAE, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and other relevant model code associations.
    • Presentations on private sector use of rating systems: what role do they play for developers, architects, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), real estate professionals, banks, other financial institutions, etc.  Presenters:  representatives of key private sector players and NGOs.
    • Presentation on public application of rating systems, by federal, state/provincial and municipal/local governments, for example by referring to them in procurement policies, building codes, zoning laws or regulations.  Presentations by representatives of relevant federal, state/provincial and municipal/local entities.
  2. Prepare final report on the workshop, with discussion of results and possible next steps.  October-December 2007

2007 Estimated Cost: C$120,000

Building capacity for development of a green building rating system for Mexico