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Council Resolution: 07-05

Council Resolution: 07-05

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7 March, 2007

Approval of Use of General Funds


RECOGNIZING that certain activities which were to be completed in 2006 have been delayed;

ACKNOWLEDGING that budgetary allocations for those activities have, in accordance with Financial Rules 5.3, 5.4 and 6.2, been credited to the General Fund of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (“General Fund”);

ADVISED by the Executive Director that those activities will be completed forthwith;


AUTHORIZES and DIRECTS, that an amount not to exceed C$317,065 from the General Fund be allocated for use in financial year 2007 to the activities described in the memorandum of 1 March 2007, from the Executive Director to the Alternate Representatives concerning the request to use general funds (“memorandum”), which is attached to this Resolution as Appendix 1;

AGREES that these resources will be applied according to the specifications established in the memorandum; and

FURTHER AGREES that this resolution and the attached memorandum will form an integral part of the 2007 operational plan of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.




Judith E. Ayres

Government of the United States of America


Enrique Lendo Fuentes

Government of the United Mexican States


David McGovern

Government of Canada

Approval of Use of General Funds