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Council Resolution 05-06

Council Resolution 05-06

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22 June 2005

Expanding Partnerships with the Private Sector and other stakeholders


REAFFIRMING the 2004 Puebla Declaration, in which Council determined that the CEC’s work program would focus on the three priorities of information for decision-making, capacity building, and trade and environment,

ENVISIONING a strong role for the CEC in promoting partnerships with the private sector and other stakeholders in its activities,

RECOGNIZING the recommendation made in the Report of the Ten-year Review and Assessment Committee to foster greater cooperation with the private sector and others in order to strengthen the implementation of environmental laws and policies,

RECOGNIZING the recommendations made over the years by the JPAC that trinational private sector cooperation is an important element in building partnerships for protecting and enhancing the North American environment,

FURTHER RECOGNIZING the significant efforts already undertaken by stakeholders to enhance the capacity of the North American private and public sectors to protect and improve the environment,

NOTING that Council recognized the need to involve the private sector in the work of the CEC in Resolution 95-14, which led to a memorandum of understanding to identify areas of potential collaboration between three North American business and industry organizations and the CEC,


DIRECTS the Secretariat to facilitate cooperation between the Parties and the private sector and other stakeholders, including through meetings, as directed by the Parties, with the purpose of increasing their involvement in activities related to the implementation of the CEC’s work program as it relates to the three priorities of the Puebla Declaration.




Judith E. Ayres

Government of the United States of America


José Manuel Bulás Montoro

Government of the United Mexican States


David McGovern

Government of Canada

Expanding Partnerships with the Private Sector and other stakeholders