Advice to Council 96-08 — Charter of Best Practices


Charter of Best Practices

HAVING NOTED that the CEC is considering the creation of a Charter of Best Practices, the Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation has reviewed the concept and potential implementation by the CEC of said Charter, and

HEREBY RESOLVES that, while supportive of the concept of Charters of Best Practice, the certification of such charters through the CEC is inadvisable as it could create the perception that a supranational agency is engaged in assessment and certification of individual performance, and further, that a CEC certification effort would be redundant with the efforts of organizations that promote Charters or Codes of Best Practices and which have greater technical capabilities and contacts to promote such.

Instead, JPAC encourages the CEC to work in cooperation with these organizations and possibly create a Registry of North American Charters or Codes of Best Practices and their sponsoring organizations.