Advice to Council 96-07 — Term of office for Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) Members



Term of office for Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) Members

The Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC):

IN ACCORDANCE with the request of Council, JPAChasdeveloped a proposal on a possible option regarding the term of office of the members of the Joint Public Advisory Committee; and

RECOGNIZING that the term of office should be the same for the three Parties and that the main objectives are as follows:

HEREBY RESOLVES that JPAC propose to Council that the JPAC Rules of Procedure be amended to include a new article regarding the term of office, such article to indicate that:

  1. The term of office of each JPAC member will be three years, renewable for additional increments of one, two or three years as the Parties decide;
  2. The expiration date of JPAC members will coincide with the Annual Council Session, with the proviso that in the event a successor has not been appointed, those members whose terms have expired will continue to serve until successors are appointed; and
  3. A member absent for three consecutive JPAC meetings without explanation be deemed to have resigned.