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Advice to Council 95-04 — Guide on Factual Submissions

Advice to Council 95-04 — Guide on Factual Submissions

At its meeting of April 27 and 28, 1995, the JPAC reviewed the status of the Guidelines on Factual Submissions and agreed on a public consultation process to review the draft guidelines prior to their submission to Council for approval.

The Committee noted that the draft guidelines are still under discussion between the Parties with the view of arriving at a reconciled document.  The Committee expressed the view and wishes to so advise Council that a draft text of the guidelines should be prepared and issued by the Secretariat for public consultation without further delay.  The text would, by definition, not be binding upon the Parties.

If draft guidelines were released by June 1st 1995, the consultation process would provide feedback to Council, the Secretariat and the JPAC in August for Council approval of a final document in September.

We believe it is imperative that we move quickly on this matter in order to maintain a cooperative spirit and not lose public confidence in the process.  Should Council not provide a document for public input, the JPAC will still provide advice to Council.