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Advice to Council 01-04 — Climate Change

Advice to Council 01-04 — Climate Change


Climate Change

The Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC);

IN ACCORDANCE with its mandate to provide advice to Council under Article 16(4) of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC);

CONSCIOUS that climate change is an urgent environmental issue facing North America requiring multiple strategies including market and conservation measures;

NOTING that the CEC can play a significant role in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

UNDERSTANDING that, because of its links to trade through NAFTA, the CEC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the development of market mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in North America; and

ACKNOWLEDGING that certain North American nongovernmental organizations and members of the business community are already working on the development of carbon-trading mechanisms;

RECOMMENDS that Council instruct the Secretariat to facilitate, within the 2002-2004 Program Plan, the development of market mechanisms within the North American context to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.