Advice to Council 00-05 — Children’s Health and the Environment


Children’s Health and the Environment

The Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC);

IN ACCORDANCE with its mandate to provide advice to Council;

HAVING reviewed the documents prepared for, and resulting from the CEC-sponsored symposium on Children’s Health and the Environment in North America which was attended by a JPAC representative;

FURTHER taking into account the strong public support for the CEC to further focus its work on children’s health;

UNDERSTANDING that the CEC is experiencing budgetary constraints;

JPAC, THEREFORE, recommends that Council direct the Secretariat to integrate children’s health and environment issues into the existing work program of the CEC.

FURTHER noting that matters related to children’s health and the environment are not the sole responsibility of ministers of the environment;

JPAC also recommends that the Parties organize a joint meeting of Canadian, Mexican and United States environment and health minister to consider ways of supporting further initiatives.