Advice to Council 00-01 — Strategic Directions for the Conservation of Biodiversity


Strategic Directions for the Conservation of Biodiversity

The Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC);

IN ACCORDANCE with its mandate to provide advice to Council;

HAVING had an opportunity to receive public input on CEC’s Conservation of Biodiversity Program at various plenary sessions in 1999 and 2000, and to participate in a Stakeholder Consultation Meeting organized to receive the input of Indigenous peoples from Mexico, the United States and Canada on the CEC Biodiversity Conservation Strategic Plan;

RECALLING JPAC Advice to Council 99-10 which, among other matters, noted that “working with Indigenous peoples of the North American region and their communities is an important step in building local capacity for the conservation and protection of biodiversity;”

NOTING very strong public support for the CEC’s role in gathering and coordinating information about biodiversity and developing a strategic plan for influencing policy development and implementation mechanisms in our three countries to protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of the North American region;

HAVING reviewed and discussed A Strategic Plan for the Conservation of Biodiversity for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation: Questionnaire for Stakeholder Feedbackprepared for the Secretariat;

BEARING IN MIND, with regard to the conservation, protection and restoration of biodiversity, that the legislative and regulatory regimes of our three countries differ;