Conserving the Monarch Butterfly and Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods

Status: Completed
Operational Plan: 2009

The purpose of this project is to support implementation of the North American Monarch Conservation Plan (NAMCP). This plan aims to maintain healthy monarch populations and habitats throughout the migration flyway, supported by a Trilateral Monarch Butterfly Sister Protected Area Network and the participation of local communities.

Throughout North America, many organizations and myriad initiatives deal with various aspects of the monarch migration. However, there is ample recognition of the need for an integrated strategy to protect and maintain the monarch’s flyway, while dealing with the underlying causes of habitat deterioration. To this end, the CEC will act as a catalyst and a regional forum for action that will complement existing North American initiatives and those of the Mexican government and other stakeholders to protect the species and the flyway.

  • Canada, Mexico, and the United States established a Trilateral Monarch Butterfly Sister Protected Areas (SPA) Network. The SPA Network is a partnership of wildlife refuges and national parks in the United States and Canada, and natural protected areas in Mexico, working together on monarch conservation projects.
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