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Environmental equity

2023 Active Climate Change

Communities for Environmental Justice Network

Environmental Justice (EJ) is a broad term used to describe a range of social movements and policy frameworks which address the heightened risk of environmental harm to marginalized communities. Seeking justice in this context implies an effort to increase and enable fair and equitable treatment...

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Energy sources

2022 Active Climate Change

Transitioning Remote Communities to Renewable Energy

Providing access to affordable, reliable and clean energy for all is a global challenge. Advancements in renewable energy sources and enabling technologies (e.g., storage), as well as their decentralized nature, represent available and realistic options for supplying access to low-cost and...

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Diver working on Ghost Gear - GGGI

2022 Active Ecosystems

Addressing Ghost Gear in North America

Ghost gear (abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear - ALDFG) is a particularly harmful form of marine debris. The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) is the largest cross-sectoral alliance dedicated to solving this issue, and includes Canada, Mexico, and the United States as government members....

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Air Quality Improvement

2022 Active Pollutants

Air Quality Improvement for Environmental Justice

Black carbon (BC) or “soot” ─a component of fine particulate matter (PM)─ is an important air contaminant that not only affects public health but also our climate. Our countries’ systems for monitoring air pollution have limited coverage, with millions of people across North America...

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Examples of chemicals in products

2022 Active

Advancing Supply Chain Transparency for Chemicals in Products

A fundamental assumption in a circular economy is that materials re-introduced within value chains are safe for human health and the environment. However, when chemical composition data and/or industry awareness of the chemicals in products are lacking, this poses challenges to identifying risks to...

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Advancing Pollinator Conservation

2022 Active Ecosystems

Advancing Pollinator Conservation throughout North America

Pollinators support the reproduction of 80% of wild vascular plants and 75% of crop species, and as such are crucial to food security, human well-being, and natural ecosystems. The number of pollinators has declined worldwide due to habitat loss and degradation, intensive agricultural management,...

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EcoInnovation Network - Transition

2021 Active Green Growth

EcoInnovation Network – Transition

Innovation centers play a key role in sustainable economic development and job creation within and beyond the communities they serve. A key feature of the innovation centers is to provide inclusive and equal access to students and the public to capitalize on training, tools and resources for...

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API Exchange in Production

2021 Active Enforcement

Trilateral Data Exchange System on the Import and Export of Hazardous Waste – Maintenance, Implementation, Testing and Launch of US-Mexico API Exchange in Production

Pursuant to relevant regulations, Canada, Mexico and the United States control the import and export of hazardous wastes by exchanging notice and consent prior to shipping these wastes across their borders. In the context of CEC´s 2019-2020 Operational Plan, the CEC supported the countries to...

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