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Advancing Pollinator Conservation throughout North America

Status: Active
Operational Plan: 2022
Project Duration: 24 months
Start date: February 17, 2022

Pollinators support the reproduction of 80% of wild vascular plants and 75% of crop species, and as such are crucial to food security, human well-being, and natural ecosystems. The number of pollinators has declined worldwide due to habitat loss and degradation, intensive agricultural management, pathogens, invasive species, climate change, and excessive use of agrochemicals, including pesticides. This decline requires urgent conservation actions and the engagement of stakeholders in different sectors. Building on past work by the CEC as well as ongoing national efforts on pollinator conservation, the current project will lay the foundations for more robust and standardized data repositories to inform conservation actions across the continent and develop tools and communication materials to raise awareness about pollinators and their importance.

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Advancing Pollinator Conservation


  • Native bees and other pollinators have declined in North America due to a multitude of drivers.
  • Long-term, harmonized monitoring data is needed to design and implement effective pollinator conservation strategies.


  • We are advancing pollinator conservation throughout North America by sharing best practices, strategies and tools to organize and mobilize native bee inventories and monitoring and developing materials to communicate the importance of native bees and drive conservation action.


  • Collection of best practices for native bee inventories and monitoring
  • Geospatial decision-making tools customized to prioritize native bee inventories and monitoring
  • Communication materials on the benefits of pollinators for communities, food production, and natural ecosystem functioning.
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