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Welcome to the youth movement to prevent food waste and save the planet

Who Can Participate?

This could be your class or your entire school, your Scout pack, an environmental club, sports team or any group of friends. Join forces and plot ways to take action on food waste. Are there other teams, groups, or schools you would like to challenge? Get them to sign up too! Youth under 18 should have an adult on their team to support their actions and complete the registration.

Sign Up!

By signing up yourself or your organization, you are making a public declaration of your commitment to reduce food waste. You earn points and awesome badges, can challenge other groups and share photos and stories of all your actions on our Young Food Heros. Use this username and password to sign in from our homepage when you’re ready to upload pictures and stories of your actions. Choose something that is easy for your organization to remember.

Earn Badges!

Get recognition for every action you take! Collect points to unlock badges by simply uploading a photo or description of your actions on your profile page. You will need 20 points to unlock each badge. All you need to do is sign up. You can sign up as an individual, a group of friends, a class, school, club or organization to document your actions, challenge others and earn awesome shareable Food Waste Hero badges!

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