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Baja to Bering Region

Baja to Bering Region

The Baja California to Bering Sea Region (B2B) is one of fourteen Ecologically Significant Regions, identified by a group of leading ecologists convened by the CEC in 2000. The Baja California to Bering Sea Region (B2B) connects the marine realms of the three countries and offers concrete opportunities for collaboration.

Priority Conservation Areas: Baja to Bering, 2005

This map shows the 28 marine priority conservation areas in the Baja to Bering region. The three North American countries have identified the Baja to Bering region – the region that extends from the Gulf of California north to the Bering Strait – as a high continental priority for biodiversity conservation. Priority conservation areas, critically […]

MPA Ecological Scorecards Sites

To assess the environmental conditions of marine protected areas (MPAs), experts developed an Ecological Assessment Scorecard methodology, which distills large amounts of complex technical and traditional/local ecological knowledge about MPA conditions. These scorecards are an easy yet powerful tool for MPA managers to share evidence-based ecological information about water, habitat and living resources. The first […]