Deadline: May 21, 2020

As part of the trilateral effort to promote healthy communities in North America, the objective of the CEC’s AirNow-International work was to support and improve the management and sharing of ambient air quality data, and public access to it, through the AirNow-International system. To this end, the CEC endeavored to develop a consistent set of tools to process, share and publicly disseminate information on air quality within and among the three countries.
Over the five years activities were carried out, one project, North American AirNow-International, focused specifically on supporting Mexico’s efforts to connect its diverse air quality monitoring systems with the AirNow system used by Canada and the United States to ensure that data can be accessed on air quality conditions for locations across the three countries.
The expected long-term outcomes of the work were:
  • The improvement of air quality data and processing time in Mexico;
  • An increased sharing of data within Mexico, and between Mexico and  the US / Canada;
  • An increased dissemination of  reliable current and forecasted air quality information to the public;
  • An increased ability to respond quickly to air quality-related events;
  • Comparable formats and data validation procedures for ambient air quality information for use in national and regional North American air quality initiatives.
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