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News 2010
Title Date
CEC receives submission on Bicentennial Bridge in Tabasco, Mexico 12/23/2010
CEC decides not to recommend the development of a factual record on Transgenic Maize in Chihuahua submission 12/22/2010
North American Environmental Commission Promoting Green Jobs with Renewable Energy Training Courses Web Directory 12/15/2010
CEC requests response from Mexico to submission Los Remedios National Park II 11/22/2010
Regional alliance to promote conservation and sustainable use of Chihuahuan desert grasslands 11/19/2010
Register today for the trilateral forum on "greening" the North American economy 11/15/2010
Reminder: Wherever you are, you can get involved in the public meeting of the North American PRTR project 10/29/2010
Trinational forum to examine ''greening'' the North American economy 10/21/2010
Follow the public meeting of the North American PRTR project 10/14/2010
Save the date: Join the discussion on greening North America's economy 09/30/2010
CEC announces the Annual Public Meeting of the North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Project 09/28/2010
North American municipalities take climate change actions through innovative energy projects 09/17/2010
Save the date: Annual public meeting on North American pollutant releases and transfers 09/02/2010
Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Ministerial Statement 08/17/2010
2010 CEC Council Session Webcast 08/17/2010
Get involved in the 2010 CEC Council meeting: webcast starts on Monday 08/12/2010
CEC receives response from Canada to Skeena River Fishery submission 08/04/2010
JPAC wants to hear your comments on the proposed CEC strategic plan 08/03/2010
Online release of North American industrial pollution data reveals significant reporting gaps 07/13/2010
Agenda for 16 August JPAC public forum now available 07/07/2010
Invitation to participate in the 2010 CEC Council session 06/23/2010
New online map shows network of protection for North America's marine ecosystems 06/10/2010
Prominent Americans appointed to CEC public advisory committee 05/25/2010
JPAC calls for compatible policies and support for low-carbon economies 05/17/2010
CEC Secretariat receives a submission on alleged harm to fish from sewage discharges 05/07/2010
Evan Lloyd named executive director of North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation 05/06/2010
Submission to CEC asserts Canada is failing to enforce the Fisheries Act with respect to oil sands tailings ponds 04/14/2010
North American Environmental Atlas launches comprehensive land cover map 03/23/2010
CEC requests response from Mexico to a submission on transgenic maize 03/03/2010
CEC receives a submission on the Sumidero Canyon 03/01/2010
Public forum to discuss renewable energy policies 02/22/2010
New interactive atlas maps North America's shared environment 02/05/2010