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NAPECA Community Grants

Montreal, 9 September 2015—The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has received more than 500 innovative proposals for funding under its C$1.3 million North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) grant program.  

The proposals for tackling local environmental challenges range from ideas on how to reduce the health risks from exposure to toxic substances, to topics such as species and habitat conservation, environmental education, and efficient water management. 

The NAPECA grant program is designed to support nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations in Canada, Mexico and the United States that work with local communities to create a shared sense of responsibility for stewardship of the environment. For 2015–2016, the CEC’s governing Council agreed that the focus of the NAPECA proposals is Sustainable Communities/Urban Initiatives. 

The CEC will review the proposals submitted and announce the funding recipients in early December, with project work set to begin in January 2016.

What are the key dates for 2015 grants?

Proposals due

26 August 2015 - CLOSED

Selection of successful grant applicants

late October 2015*

Official grants announcement

first week of December2015

Projects begin

January 2016

*Please note that only those applicants being awarded NAPECA funding will be contacted.


Recognizing that ecosystems do not follow political boundaries but rather often cross state, provincial and national borders, and that individual investments made by each country can achieve greater success if a shared sense of responsibility and stewardship for the environment across North America is developed, the Parties, through the CEC, established a grant program, the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) in 2010.

NAPECA is intended to support a flexible and diverse set of project types that will improve access to resources provided by the Parties through the CEC for smaller, more hands-on organizations and that build partnerships at the community level with a focus on sustainable communities and urban initiatives.

For more information or assistance, please contact us at: 

Title Date
1. Indigenous Perspectives for Lake Winnipeg 02/10/2014
2. Adopt a Rancher 02/06/2014
3. The K’omoks and Squamish Estuaries — A Blue Carbon Pilot Project 02/10/2014
4. Youth Water Education and Monitoring Project 02/10/2014
5. Improving Community-Scale Feces Waste Treatment (CSFWT) in Arctic North America 02/07/2014
5. The Lake Erie Shoreline Project 02/10/2014
6. Sol Not Coal: Leveraging Solar Energy to Strengthen Community-Based Nonprofit Organizations 02/10/2014
7. Proyecto Playas Limpias de Tijuana y Rosarito / Baja California Border Region Beach Water Quality 02/10/2014
8. Developing a Carbon Reduction Methodology through Backyard Gardening 02/06/2014
9. Pilot Project for a GHG Emissions Reduction Initiative via a Student Competition in South Miami, FL 02/10/2014
11. Integration of edible greens into the production chain to ensure food security in the Sierra Tarahumara 02/07/2014
12. Community Improvement of Sanitation, Farm, Tourism and Ecological Services for Sustainable Development in the Hñahñü Indigenous Community of El Alberto, Ixmiquilpan (Hidalgo, Mexico) 02/07/2014
13. Strengthening Community Ties for Environmental Health and Sustainability 02/07/2014
14. Rural Schools in the Texcoco Mountain Zone, Toward Sustainability 02/07/2014
15. Local capacity building to apply alternative technologies and training on sustainable water management and biological conservation 02/07/2014
16. Reduction of Pollution from Waste Cooking Oil and Biodiesel Utilization in Communities of the Municipality of Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco 02/10/2014
17. Reinforced concrete tanks for rainwater catchment in the Municipality of San Lucas Quiaviní in the State of Oaxaca 02/10/2014