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Google Earth PRTR facility Map Layer
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The CEC's new map layer for Google Earth lets users explore pollution data from about 35,000 industrial facilities in North America

With information on pollutant releases and transfers from Mexican industrial sources now available to the public, the CEC has created the first seamless, North America-wide map layer connecting citizens with point-specific industrial pollutant data in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Note: Almost 7,000 facilities reported exclusively criteria air contaminants or greenhouse gases.CAC / GHG.

Readers are reminded that each country has specific reporting requirements for sectors, facilities and pollutants that affect the North American picture of industrial pollution. Using and Understanding Taking Stock.


© Google Earth - © 2007 Europa Technologies - Images © 2007 TerraMetrics - Image NASA - ©2007 Navteq

Using the Google Earth mapping service-innovative and free computer program that allows users to explore geographic data projected over satellite images and aerial photography-the CEC's map layer plots about 35,000 North American industrial facilities that reported releases and transfers of pollutants in 2006, the most recent data available from all three countries.

This Google Earth layer allows anyone in our three countries-whether in Manitoba, Mississippi, or Michoacán-to find industrial facilities located near their homes, their workplaces, or their schools. They can learn about the pollution profile of each facility, including which pollutants are generated and how the facility handles them. Users can also compare the performance of facilities in their community to similar facilities locally, nationally, and, now, across North America. The data can also be viewed in the North American Environmental Atlas in conjunction with other maps layers for North America.

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