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Electricity and Environment Database
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The Electricity and Environment Database is part of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation's effort to provide online information relating to the "Environmental Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving Continental Electricity Market" and the green goods and services certification project. The database is searchable by keyword or text, and contains the following information on government and non-government initiatives from Canada, Mexico and the United States:

Measures targeting electricity production:

1) Third party certification programs and their criteria; 
2) Environmental marketing guidelines for electricity; and 
3) Renewable energy definitions and renewable portfolio standards (RPS) from electricity restructuring legislation both at the state/province and federal level.

Measures targeting electricity consumption:

1) Third-party certification programs for electric products and criteria for selected products; 
2) Legislation requiring information labeling on electrical efficiency; and 
3) Mandatory product-specific efficiency standards.

This database allows users and stakeholders to compare and contrast current programs and legislation with the objective of fostering increased communication and cooperation between the parties involved. It is hoped that this resource will facilitate the establishment of mutual recognition programs and agreements between power producers, policy makers and certifiers.

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CEC News on Green Economy

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s work on green economy is driven by the priorities identified by Canada, Mexico and the US in the CEC’s 2013-14 Operational Plan (guided by the CEC’s 2010–2015 Strategic Plan) to green transportation in North America and tackle climate change and improve air quality.