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Letters to the Council

Compilation of letters, advices, and commentaries the Joint Public Advisory Committee has provided to the Council.

JPAC Chair for 2016 11/11/2015
Letter to Secretary Pacchiano 09/09/2015
Letter to Secretary Guerra 08/18/2015
Thoughts on the draft CEC Strategic Plan 2015–2020 05/08/2015
JPAC letter to Council regarding responses to Advices and other matters 06/09/2010
Canadian Appointments - 19 March 2009 03/19/2009
Public comments on the Draft 2009 CEC Operational 02/12/2009
Canadian Appointments - 16 January 2009 01/16/2009
Canadian Appointments 11/24/2008
2008 CEC Operational Plan 10/04/2007
Consolidated factual record for the Ontario Logging and Ontario Logging II 12/15/2006
Invitation to attend JPAC's fourth Regular Session 09/20/2006
Proposal for assesing the performance of PROFEPA 03/17/2006
Request to meet with the Council members privately 03/16/2006
Request to report publicly on the TRAC recommendations 01/13/2006
Factual Record on Tarahumara/SEM-00-006 12/13/2005
Preparation of an Article 13 report on TEIA 09/08/2005
JPAC follow-up on June Council Session 08/29/2005
JPAC Regular Session 05-03 08/22/2005
Request to expedite the appointment of Canadian JPAC members 04/27/2005
Meeting in San Diego 2005 04/26/2005
Canadian members for JPAC 03/08/2005
Request for appointment of Canadian JPAC members 01/19/2005
Review of Council Resolution 00-09 06/07/2004
Review of Council Resolution 00-09 04/28/2004
Maize and Biodiversity Symposium 04/13/2004
Ten-Year Review of NAAEC 03/24/2004
Annual Council/JPAC meeting 12/15/2003
Final Report: Issues Related to Articles 14 and 15 of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation 11/27/2003
JPAC to Council on NAFEC 10/23/2003
JPAC to trade and environment ministers 10/21/2003
Canadian Intergovernmental Agreement on NAAEC 07/11/2003
Follow-up on World Summit on Sustainable Development 12/11/2002
Advice to Council following the 2002 Council Session 10/09/2002
JPAC on WSSD 07/04/2002
10th anniversary of NAFTA and NAAEC 07/04/2002
JPAC revised recommendation 04/22/2002
JPAC letter to Council regarding Advice to Council 01-09 01/21/2002
Symposium on Environmental Challenges 12/13/2001
Lessons Learned: Citizen Submissions under Articles 14 and 15 of the North American Agreement on Env
(6 June 2001)
Confusion surrounding Articles 14 and 15 of NAAEC 05/02/2000
Transparent procession of citizen submissions 03/24/2000
A Report on Public Participation 11/01/1995
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