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Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Tool
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Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Tool

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For over a decade, the CEC has supported grasslands conservation and beneficial management practices across North America. The CEC’s grasslands work encourages sustainable ranching practices and grassland stewardship to maintain and enhance the resilience of this continentally-shared ecosystem, and the CEC is working closely with ranchers to pilot these practices across North America.

Catalyzing North American Grasslands Conservation and Sustainable Use Through Partnerships
Diverse pressures on North America’s central grasslands are threatening grassland ecosystems and the economies they support. Building on the success of cooperative work through 2011-12, this project implements and promotes economic and conservation solutions, including water and fire management, that address the root causes of grasslands loss.

Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices
The Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Online Tool includes nearly 100 beneficial management practices aimed at ranchers, conservation organizations, government and academic institutions in North America. Ranging from local techniques to national and continental approaches, the tool contains a wealth of practical and innovative ideas for conserving and restoring native grasslands and boosting the economic stability of ranchers.

North American Grasslands: Management Initiatives and Partnerships to Enhance Ecosystem and Community Resilience
Grasslands are one of the most valuable, yet most threatened ecoregions in North America. Stretching from Saskatchewan to Chihuahua, they are now among the largest farming and ranching areas on earth. Yet less than 20 percent of North America’s native grasslands remain intact and less than three percent lies within protected areas.

Conserving North American Grasslands
This project builds on past CEC-sponsored work that established the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI), and is committed to the conservation of North America's birds and the associated biodiversity making up their habitat.