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North American Marine Ecosystems
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Through the establishment of ecologically significant regions, ecoregions, priority conservation areas, an ecological assessment scorecard, piloted in 10 of North America's marine protected areas, and the identification of marine species of common conservation concern, the CEC is working with Canada, Mexico and United States to enhance and strengthen conservation initiatives in North America's marine ecosystems.

A Guide to Ecological Scorecards for Marine Protected Areas in North America

An introduction to the use of marine ecological scorecards and condition reports, which are tools for assessing the condition of marine protected areas in North America. 


NAMPAN: North American Marine Protected Areas Network Website

NAMPAN is a network of both important marine places and the institutions and people connected with those places. This website features information on North America's marine ecoregions, priority conservation areas, MPA condition reports and species of common conservation concern.

Marine Ecosystems Map Viewer

Explore North America's marine ecosystems with our Google Earth map viewer on the North American Environmental Atlas, including:

Marine Ecoregions of North America

Learn about North America's 24 marine ecological regions through the maps, photos and detailed descriptions in this book.

Priority Conservation Areas: Baja California to the Bering Sea
A blueprint for conservation from Baja California to the Bering Sea based on 28 marine priority conservation areas.

North American Conservation Action Plans (NACAPs)
Four marine species—the vaquita porpoise, humpback whale, leatherback turtle and pink-footed shearwater—have been identified for trinational conservation actions.

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