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Tracking Pollutant Releases and Transfers in North America
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Status: Regular program of the CEC


The NAPRTR project compiles and disseminates data reported by facilities to the three national PRTRs. Efforts are focused on adding value to the data through their integration, analysis and dissemination via the Taking Stock report and Taking Stock Online website. Incorporating information about the context of PRTR reporting, such as differences among the three programs, facilitates data use and interpretation. The Taking Stock Online searchable database allows users to explore pollutant releases and transfers from more than 35,000 facilities in North America, generate reports in a variety of formats; create maps and view them using Google Earth, and analyze PRTR data in the context of information such as locations of watersheds and population centers, using geospatial data from the CEC’s North American Environmental Atlas.


Orlando Cabrera 
Program Manager
Air Quality and Pollutant Releases
514 350-4323

Government Experts

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The North American Environmental Atlas assembles seamless, accurate cartographic data, including maps, documentation, and interactive map layers at a scale of 1:10,000,000
North American Pollutant Releases and Transfers
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Adobe Acrobat Action Plan to Enhance the Comparability of Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
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North Americans are concerned about the effect of chemicals on their health and the environment. Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs) are designed to track the quantities of chemicals that are released from industrial activities into the air, water or land and transferred for further management or disposal. Results are fed into a national database, which allows information to be made available to the public by chemical, community or facility and enables assessment of long and short-term trends. This Action Plan is the ongoing result of efforts to enhance the comparability of the individual countries’ PRTR systems and lays out the strategy for improving the information available for decision-making on a North American basis. Information for decision-making is an integral component of the Strategic Plan of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). Thus, this Action Plan will contribute directly to the goals and objectives of the CEC cooperative program.
Adobe Acrobat Participant Feedback on Enhancing the Comparability of PRTRs in North America
[168,305 bytes]
The ten ideas presented herein represent a consensus among participants of the public meeting of the North American PRTR Project in October, relative to enhancing North American PRTR comparability.
Adobe Acrobat Project Description: Tracking Pollutant Releases and Transfers in North America (North American PRTR Project)
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Adobe Acrobat Project Summary: Tracking Pollutant Releases and Transfers
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Adobe Acrobat Public Meeting of the North American PRTR Project
[12,746,434 bytes]
On 30-31 October 2012, 50 people from across North America gathered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the CEC’s annual public meeting of the North American PRTR Project.
Adobe Acrobat Taking Stock Report 13: 2006
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This edition of Taking Stock presents an overview of the releases and transfers of pollutants from North American industrial sectors in 2006, the most recent data available from all three countries at the time of writing.
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