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North American Environmental Atlas

All over the North American continent, natural and human-caused events are altering land cover – whether from insect infestations, forest fires or urban sprawl. Some of these changes are visible from space and, in collaboration with Canada, Mexico and the US, the CEC released a new set of maps depicting land cover changes in North America’s forests, prairies, deserts and cities, using satellite images from 2005 and 2010.

Maps Without Borders

Atlas Brochure

Read the Atlas Brochure
[PDF - 1.98 MB]

The North American Environmental Atlas is an interactive mapping tool to research, analyze and manage environmental issues in Canada, United States and Mexico. 

Maps are downloadable free of charge and available in an easy to use map viewer format.

The CEC uses maps in the Atlas to:

  • Identify priority areas to conserve biodiversity
  • Track cross-border transfers of pollutants
  • Monitor CO2 emissions across  major transportation routes
  • Predict the spread of invasive species

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Map Files

Download maps and related data files in various GIS and other formats

Google Earth Tours

View the collection of maps in Google Earth tours and watch our fly-overs on YouTube

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Browse our showcase for examples of user applications and our e-books

Land Cover and Land Cover Change

Explore the North American Land Change Monitoring System (NALCMS)


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Adobe Acrobat Atlas Brochure
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Keyhole Markup Language Marine Ecoregions - KMZ
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Adobe Acrobat The North American Mosaic
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An Overview of Key Environmental Issues. The full report.
Adobe Acrobat Wintering Grassland Bird Densities in Chihuahuan Desert Grassland Priority Conservation Areas, 2007-2010
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